Bundaberg City is located 380 kilometers north of Brisbane on the river bank Barnett, 20 kilometers from the Coral Sea. The town’s name is derived from two words – Aboriginal “gang”, which translates as “important person” and the German suffix “berg”, pointing to the mountains.

Bundaberg officially founded in 1873, is famous for its sugar industry and, of course, rum. Here is the famous Bundaberg Rum Distillery , which was opened in 1888. The opening of the factory contributed to the rapid growth of sugar cane plantations and the excess by-product of sugar production – molasses (molasses).

The city’s population is 47 thousand people, and an area of ​​95 square kilometers.

Bundaberg Climate – subtropical and temperate. The warmest month of the year is January (+ 21-30 degrees Celsius) and the coolest – July (+ 10-24). In January 2013, the city experienced several tornadoes and flooding, in which the level of the river Burnett hit a record 9 meters. It was the worst flooding in the history of the city, but luckily, factory Bundaberg Distillery element is not affected.

The city has the status of “Gate of the Great Barrier Reef,” which in 1981 was chosen by UNESCO as World Heritage oektov since Life support a huge variety of living organisms.

Tourism is the leading sector of Bundaberg, it and its surroundings are many attractive places – it is famous for the beauty and abundance of parks and botanical gardens.

Bundaberg_1Bundaberg is a museum of the famous Australian aviation pioneer – Herbert John Louis Hinkler, art center, many churches, and three kilometers from the city center, in an area of ​​58 hectares, is Baldwin Swamp Environmental Park with diverse flora and fauna.

You can visit such places as the resort Bargara and Moor Beach. Here 40 km of magnificent beaches, and easy access to the southern islands of the Great Barrier Reef: the world’s largest sand island Fraser Island and Lady Elliot.

At 15 kilometers from the city is the beach Mon Repos  – here you can see how the sea turtle Caretta (loggerhead sea turtle) lay eggs, and then the little turtles start their first “march” into the ocean. Tours at night, so it’s best to order them in advance. In total there are three protected species of turtles – ploskospinnaya sea (blatback sea turtle), green sea (green sea turtle) and brainy, written about previously.

Near Bundaberg is another very interesting place – Mystical craters (Mystery Craters), where each unique crater different composition of the water and the rocks. Explain that, like the origin of craters, can not no scholar. Craters fascinate its mysticism and mystery.

With other cities Bundaberg associated roads, railway lines, and the city has an airport.

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